When the coronavirus was first introduced in 2020, we all thought it was going to be a couple of weeks until things were back to normal in all areas of life, including travel. Well, a few weeks turned into a month; a few months turned into a year, and here we are two years later struggling with the same setbacks, especially in the travel industry.

The impact of the virus on the travel industry in 2020 proved more than ever why travelers need to use a travel advisor for booking vacations. Travel agents spent hours bending over backward for clients without making a dime.

The following year came with plenty of ups and downs, ever-changing destination entry restrictions, new travel must-haves (masks, sanitizer, etc.) and endless headaches from trying to keep up with what a simple trip might all entail.

And now we’ve made it to 2022 thinking a new year might put it all behind us, but the unfortunate truth is that the situation is not much different from 2020. New variants continue to pop up causing destinations to spring into action altering entry protocols. While the protocols are put in place to keep people safe, they can be a pain to keep up with.

Here’s where travel advisors come in – it’s their job to be the knowers of all things travel and keep up with these new measures, and they are happy to do so!

As we enter 2022, it’s still just as crucial to use a travel advisor for booking your vacation. Agents get the latest news in all things travel delivered right to their inbox, and they have the most important websites bookmarked and ready access when you call in to start planning. They’ve streamlined the process so they can quickly and effortlessly provide you with the information you need.

Travel agents also have specific contacts for each destination, hotel, resort, cruise line and every other company they work with. These reputable connections are built into relationships over time and are go-to resources for getting your questions answered quickly. Whether it’s something small such as a room request or something more important like a destination entry requirement, travel agents can provide clear and concise direction through their resources.

Advisors have also done their research when it comes to the best travel insurance plans, which means you don’t have to waste endless hours searching for the best one to cover your trip. A recent analysis found travelers are more likely to purchase travel insurance – which is great to hear as purchasing an insurance plan for your trip amid the pandemic shouldn’t even be up for debate.

In addition to having access to an extremely helpful resource, working with a travel advisor also usually means you’re helping out a small local business. Many agencies had huge losses in 2020 and 2021. Despite losing money, agents continued to help clients plan, cancel and rebook travel, and they kept their passion alive by focusing on brighter days.

Advisors had travelers’ backs during those dire moments, and now it’s time for travelers to return the favor by choosing to book their vacations through a travel agency in 2022.

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