The 49ers neither rose nor fell in the USA TODAY Sports power rankings following their Week 2 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. They remain at No. 11 looking up at two of their three division foes.

What’s interesting is San Francisco’s quarterback play appears to be what’s holding them back from climbing above the 11th spot they fell to after their first win of the year.

USA TODAY’s Nate Davis wrote all about Trey Lance’s playing time when assessing why the 49ers stood pat:

Rookie QB Trey Lance went from four snaps in Week 1 to none Sunday. Advantage Jimmy Garoppolo? Or is coach Kyle Shanahan keeping something under wraps for Sunday night’s home opener against Green Bay?

This implies that Lance is somehow vying for the starting quarterback job, which isn’t the case. However, saving something for Green Bay would make a lot of sense after putting four plays on tape against the Lions.

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