Over the course of two days, Washington State Board of Education members set legislative priorities, examined the gaps and gains in school districts’ compliance with educational mandates, and heard new arguments in support of and opposition to the adoption of a statewide ethnic studies graduation requirement.

The 16-member board, which meets about six times a year, is charged with advocacy and oversight of Washington’s education system.

Members got a look at how well some districts are doing in adopting state-mandated activities and programs. Among the 254 school districts that submitted data by Oct. 18, most have successfully implemented plans for offering 12th graders a financial advising day, and programs for students to study the Washington and U.S. constitutions.

A tally of 119 districts have yet to adopt a “Tribal History and Culture Curriculum.” More than half the reporting districts, 136, are ahead of the game in implementing a comprehensive sexual health education program; the rest of the districts must comply no later than the 2022-23 school year.

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