Most travelers return home after a vacation with souvenirs and some great memories. Tripsha, the brainchild of Cassie Shih, founder and CEO, specializes in community-focused travel where adventurers return from their journeys with meaningful experiences and a new group of friends.

Unlike most group travel, which is often filled with uncertainty. Tripsha’s unique formula reduces the chance that one’s travel companions might be strange ingredients in an otherwise tasty soup. It starts with the themed trips, clear expectations, personalized member profiles, and the expertise of the host(s).
Using an example from a recent trip, Upstate NY Getaway, which ran from August 14-16, 2021, host Kerry Botensten created a trip based on her interests and knowledge. Kerry, who is also Head of Trips for, appreciates the beauty of Upstate New York, the benefits of exercise, the essential elements found in good wine and new friends, and the importance of capturing all those experiences for posterity.

Thus, she curated an itinerary that included accommodations, transport, meals, activities and down time.

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