Traveling has been extremely difficult—and even downright impossible—during the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet as vaccinations become more widespread and travel-related restrictions have loosened, vacations that take you beyond your backyard are once again doable. Some countries are still closed to visitors, but according to John Lovell, President of Travel Leaders Network, there are plenty of far-flung destinations that are safe to visit.

“If you know everything that’s expected from the time you leave to the time you get back, there’s no reason you can’t have a very safe and meaningful vacation experience,” Lovell tells Men’s Journal.

Still, the logistics of planning a vacation during a pandemic—from figuring out vaccine and testing rules to working out quarantine requirements—can be daunting. If you have a trip coming up, or you’re planning one, don’t panic. We talked with Lovell and his colleague Dave Hershberger, the owner of Prestige Travel, to learn more about how you can make traveling during the pandemic as painless as possible. Here are the travel tips you need to know.

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