Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming one of the disruptive factors in the educational business. AI in the education market was predicted to rise to $10.38 billion by 2026 (by 45.12% annually). AI EdTech startups are attracting millions of dollars in funding and millions of users.
An AI-powered talent management system is a handy tool for a school’s HR department to assess an employee’s skills and put them in the right position.

This approach is faster and more objective than managers’ surveys. Candidates need to describe their competencies only once. Then AI parses the data, completing for HR a comprehensive list of employees, their level of skills, and the most appropriate positions for each of them.

Another option is for prospective employee to upload their resume or CV and an artificial intelligence tool analyzes their skill set to suggest a relevant job according to the experience and particular interests.

Start with projecting a competency matrix and perform an employee current skill set analysis. But how to understand which skills to develop in the workforce? For that, compare the supply of each skill with the business’s strategic goals.