Paint manufacturing company Sherwin-Williams revealed its “Color of the Year” for 2022 and it’s a mix between a light gray and green to make a room feel like a calming forest.

Evergreen fog, the winning color selected by Sherwin-Williams staffers based on trends favoring sage and olive green, offers a naturistic ambiance and serene, earthy depth to a room while also blending in with just about any piece of furniture.

“We chose Evergreen Fog based on our research of design trends from around the world,” Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, told Real Simple. “We’ve been seeing that neutrals are warming up, sustainability and organic living are key design trends, and organic textiles and natural materials are huge in home and design right now.

“People are leaning into creative expression and are more open to using color in their homes. Specifically, there’s been an uptick in interest in greens, both anecdotally and in Google and Pinterest search trends. The green color family is so diverse and rich, from calming rich sages like Evergreen Fog to earthier tones and more dramatic emeralds.”

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