Several children have contracted a high fever and died in the Palwal district of Haryana, prompting the state government to rush teams of the health department to the area, according to news agency ANI on Tuesday. Dr Vijay Kumar, the senior medical officer of Hathin, said that the efforts to contain the spread of fever are in full swing in Chilli village in the city, according to the news agency.

“We got news of some cases of fever and 1-2 deaths. Taking notice of that, our health teams have come here. We are doing surveys. Medicines are being provided and an Out Patient Department (OPD) is being run. Spraying is being done,” Kumar said, according to ANI. “Testing for Covid-19, dengue, malaria has been started. We are also testing for other causes of fever. We have taken samples of 80 people who are having fever. No malaria cases have been reported. Four to five children have died due to dengue and several children are ill,” Kumar added.

Kumar added that people were being made aware of dengue and malaria and ways to control them. He requested people to ensure that water does not stagnate anywhere, their surroundings are clean and they wear full-sleeved clothing.

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