Our education systems are relics of the past. It’s time to bring them into the present.
Teachers and educators must be at the heart of this transformation.
‘The World’s Best School Prizes’ seeks to find the best examples from around the world to do just that.
We may be living through the Fourth Industrial Revolution, yet our schools and education systems still resemble those from the First. Given how so many parts of our everyday lives have changed so much, many have long opined the need for fundamental reform to take place within education so that we can keep pace with societal progress and development.

So why haven’t education reforms taken hold and changed the fabric of our cherished institutions?

Much has been written about working at a systems level. But the fundamental truth is that given the political nature of systems, by the time we start reaping the dividends of any changes, those in charge will have moved on. We will have had two or three education ministers and perhaps a couple of heads of government, each wanting to leave their imprint by creating their own signature initiatives. This means ideas that didn’t come from them are either dropped or de-prioritised.
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