An Ivy League school event is asking students to participate in a “latex art contest,” where participants make “art” out of condoms.

The event, “LatEXHIBITION,” is being hosted by Princeton University on Jan. 31 and tasks students with making art out of “expired latex condoms.”

“In teams of 2-4 people (can be any mixture of students, faculty, and staff), create something beautiful and educational out of expired latex condoms,” the event description states.

Princeton University Health Services is hosting the “LatEXHIBITION” and asks participants to team up and “create something beautiful and educational out of latex condoms.”

The condom-inspired artwork will be judged on the evening of Feb. 14, when a “National Condom Day” event will be held at the university,” according to the event description.

“We will supply you with the expired condoms in increments of 50, and we’ll have a Latexhibition with judging and prizes the evening of February 14 (National Condom Day) at Campus Club,” the description states.

Students, staff, and faculty are invited to attend the “latex art contest,” according to the website.

Campus Reform first reported on the event.

One Princeton University student, Abigail Anthony, told Fox News Digital that the event is “crude and undignified.”

“The condom art competition is crude and undignified. I wish that the University was celebrating Valentine’s Day with a more meaningful and refined event,” Anthony said.

Fox News Digital reached out to Princeton University for comment.

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