Ambitious, persistent and studious are just a few words to describe Organization and Project Management student Desirae Blunt-Lamkey.

Blunt-Lamkey is beginning her second year of the program after completing her Associate of Arts degree with Western Nevada College in 2020. Desirae’s journey with WNC started with WNC’s ACCEL College and Career Readiness Program in 2012. She was a mother of three young children, the youngest starting school that fall.

“I have loved the quote from Jeffrey R. Holland, ‘Don’t wait to live. This isn’t a rehearsal; this isn’t a dry run; this isn’t a pre-performance routine. This is it. This is real life. Don’t wait. Savor every minute,’” Blunt-Lamkey said. “This is real life and getting an education meant me not waiting any longer. It meant me being an example for my children and working toward the best life.”