Travel advisors should prepare for a new trend in travel this year: luxury travel.

While so many lost their jobs, struggled to stay safe and earned less than usual during the pandemic, some actually gained more wealth. These lucky individuals were still stuck indoors like many others during lockdowns, yet now they desire to spend more of their money on experiences rather than material possessions, creating a growing desire for luxury travel experiences and a shift towards using travel advisors to manage the bulk of their travel planning.

The luxury in luxury travel begins with the travel planning process, not when the travel party begins their trip. Travel advisors can help busy individuals plan their vacations and keep them aware of changing entry guidelines, while those specializing in luxury travel experiences have the best knowledge about so many different aspects of luxury travel, from which expedition cruise line features private chartered flights to which luxury resort in the Maldives offers the most sustainable experiences and more.

With this, private villas, private jets and private tours are likely to be more popular among travelers who desire more secluded, physically distanced trips to desirable international destinations, like Europe, where they can explore in comfort with the people who matter most to them, like multi-generational families, groups of friends and more.

Cruise Planners has seen interest in European travel reach almost that of pre-pandemic levels, while all departures for 2022 are currently trending higher than pre-pandemic levels; a sign of good things to come for the industry. Travel advisors should learn more about selling luxury travel, while travelers wanting to purchase luxury travel experiences are encouraged to contact their preferred travel advisor.

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