Liz Cheney says GOP lawmakers in the House and Senate have cheered her on privately in her fight against Trump
The argument that you often hear is that if you do something that is perceived as against Trump that, you know, you’ll put yourself in political peril,” Cheney told Stahl. “And that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy because if Republican leaders don’t stand up and condemn what happened then, the voices in the party that are so dangerous will only get louder and stronger.”

In the same interview, Cheney called the former president “dangerous” and said she was standing up to him because she wanted to “fight for the GOP” because she still believed in it.

“I am not ready to cede the Republican party,” Cheney said. “And I’m not ready to cede it to the voices of extremism, to the voices of antisemitism, and the voices of racism, and there certainly are some in our party.”

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