Ahead of World Heart Day, experts says Covid-19 infection can act as a trigger to precipitate heart problems

Harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention and management of cardiovascular disease globally is the goal for World Heart Day 2021 (September 29). Dr Atul Limaye, an interventional cardiologist at Fortis hospital, said that if someone is already predisposed to heart disease, the Covid-19 infection can act as a trigger to precipitate heart problems. Hence, people with heart ailments need to be extra careful and stay protected. COVID vaccines are very effective in reducing the risk of severe infections, and so getting vaccinated will protect from the deadly effects of the virus, Dr Limaye said. Covid-19 has only made it more urgent to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A heart-healthy lifestyle is the best method to increase immunity.

Loop Health city-based startup says growth plans aim at reaching over two lakh customers by year-end

Loop Health, a Pune-based startup set up in 2018, lays an emphasis on high-quality preventive care. The health insurance brokerage has a set of doctors, a health advisor, and a health app. Mayank Kale, Co-Founder & CEO of Loop Health, said that they plan to scale to more members through group insurance plans.

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