Work-from-home continues for many people, but for others, it is work-from-hills in the pandemic. Ever since the lockdown restrictions eased, many people made a beeline for hill stations, along with their laptops and other work items, so as to enjoy something of a workation (work+vacation).

Retreats to hills are seeing an upsurge with many wanting to spend their time productively amid nature. A picturesque setting helps kick out work boredom, to make it refreshing; so think about your prospects!

If you are considering a trip to the hills from where you can log in remotely, FCCL, a global manufacturer of computer end devices, has curated a list of a few essentials so that you can utilise your time effectively and comfortably. Read on.

* Deciding on a location means thorough research: on good connectivity, nice neighbourhood, a stable wifi connection. Without any of these prerequisites, you cannot be fully productive. Ensure that you have all of these checked out before settling in on a place. You should also factor in a proper healthcare system in the locality. Carry your own small medical kit that has the most essential first aid supplies.

* A hospitable and sanitary stay is another factor. A welcoming resort, accessible basic amenities are an absolute pleasure. On top of this, take into account Covid safety guidelines; your resort should be properly and regularly sanitised. A clean and hygienic environment is a must. You should also be mindful of carrying your own masks, sanitisers, and disinfecting wipes.

* Carry a sleek and convertible laptop. No one likes to carry heavy devices while travelling. It’s best to pack light and be easy on your toes. You can opt for a thin and convertible laptop that takes care of all your needs by acting as a laptop and a tablet. You can use it as per your requirement to make the most of your workation.

* Don’t forget to carry good quality headphones that can cancel external noise. You need to eliminate the disturbances in your surroundings to focus on your work. You can’t afford to have loud background noises when you’re in meetings.

* Select your clothing according to the forecasted temperature of your destination. You wouldn’t want to fall sick or be uncomfortable in the middle of your workation. Keep one pair of formal wear ready in case you’re pulled in for a last-minute meeting. Apart from that, carry comfortable and party outfits for all occasions — a cosy bonfire, a hike, or a dance fest.

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