Economics 70.03 students will travel to Chile during winterim, while Public Policy 85 students will travel domestically over the break.
As College-sponsored travel resumes after the cancellation of domestic and international trips due to the COVID-19 pandemic, two courses — ECON 70.03, “Macroeconomic Policy in Latin America,” and PBPL 85, “Topics in Global Policy Leadership” — will be conducting off-campus study trips during this year’s winterim break.

ECON 70.03 will be traveling to Chile for 12 days to speak to local experts on Chile’s economy, according to economics professors Marjorie Rose and Douglas Irwin, who are teaching the course. However, Rose said that the trip will not include travel to Argentina like normal, as the College “strongly discouraged” visits to the country due to the pandemic. Students will talk to experts remotely to study Argentina’s economy, Irwin noted.

Meanwhile, PBPL 85 students will be traveling to Washington, D.C. for close to two weeks to speak with experts about public health infrastructure and innovation in the U.S., according to government professor Herschel Nachlis, who is teaching the class.

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