No, not on a college quad. On your TV. In a Major League Soccer stadium. On your gaming console. Amid your options for gambling. Maybe even in the Olympics one day.

Disc golf (not frisbee golf or “frolf,” no matter what George said on Seinfeld) and ultimate (not ultimate Frisbee) emerged from pandemic hibernation stronger than before, making their way on to various US TV networks. Most athletes have day jobs, but as each sport progresses, a few more people may be able to make a living throwing and catching.

Both sports fall under the umbrella of the World Flying Disc Federation, which is recognized by the IOC and includes some other disciplines like freestyle. Recognized sports aren’t quite an elite club of sports on the verge of a jump to the Olympics – don’t expect to see air sports or floorball anytime soon – but the WFDF made a serious push to get at least one of its disciplines into the 2024 Games and will do so again for 2028. Upon missing out on the Paris program, the WFDF released a gracious “thanks for thinking of us” message, a sharp contrast from the more petulant releases from other sports that missed out.

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