Travelling between London and Edinburgh has now become super cheap, thanks to a new low-cost electric rail service, which will be launched next month. Affordability and sustainability are the two elements that were in mind of Lumo, the new train company in the UK. People can buy tickets at £14.90 (about INR 1470) and reach Edinburgh from London in just four hours. The low-carbon trains will halt at famous places in the UK, including Newcastle, Morpeth, and Stevenage.

Helen Wylde, Managing Director for Lumo, said, “Traveling in the U.K. should not cost a fortune and it certainly shouldn’t be the planet that pays. Whatever your preferred mode of transport, we are likely to be more affordable and kinder to the planet.”

The company’s prime aim is to attract low-budget airline customers throughout the UK and Europe. With a lower carbon footprint and strategic location, these trains have all the elements to attract customers.

Wylde said travellers are now thoughtful and are worried about their impact on the environment. He further mentioned, “They also expect better service and catering. Lumo is a new rail travel experience that is kinder to the planet and better value for passengers, while never compromising on service.”

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