Increasing the amount you save for retirement could improve your later years.
You don’t have to make major lifestyle changes to invest more for retirement.
For most people, retirement savings is important but investing more for the future can seem impossible. Saving for later can require sacrifice now, and investing for retirement is likely competing with other short-term financial goals and immediate expenses.

The good news is, there are a few ways you can save more for retirement without making any sacrifices or changing your lifestyle in a manner that’s hard to sustain. Here are three of them.
1. Bank your raises
Chances are good you’ll get a salary increase at periodic intervals throughout your career — either because you change jobs or because your boss offers you a pay raise. When you get this extra money, you haven’t allocated the funds yet since you didn’t have the money coming in before.

Rather than taking on new obligations and spending the raise, divert it directly to retirement savings instead.

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